geisha playing a shamisen

This image of a Geisha playing a shamisen is available both as a large png and a vector graphic.

Download the zip file for the full sized versions.
blows kisses

Small image of a cartoon woman in a bikini blowing kisses.

waving and blowing a kiss

Woman waving goodbye and blowing kisses.

washing dishes - housework

1950's style image of a woman doing dishes.

female student

Japanime style clipart of a girl.


Black and white image of a Geisha.

girl with silver pigtails

Another Japanese, cartoon style image of a young girl.


Friendly looking grandmother in an old fashioned dress and apron.

Native American girl

Black and white image of a Native American girl.

Retro woman

Woman in 1960's style coat, hat and purse.

1950s style poodle skirt

Girl in a poodle skirt and pink sweater, a popular outfit in the 1950s.

elderly lady

Animation of an old woman walking slowly with a cane.

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