Piece Of Cake

After the party winds down one single slice of delicious chocolate cake is left on the tray with an unlit candle still in it. This elegant image is available as both a large transparent png and a vector graphic.

retro cake

Funky retro graphic of a cake with candles, sparklers and brightly colored icing.

Download the zip file for the vector version.
eleventh birthday cake

A large image of a two layer birthday cake with 11 candles lit, decorated with cherries and colorful icing.

Download zip for vector.
Betty boop

A fun animation of Betty Boop popping out of a very large cake with white icing and pink and yellow decorations.

fifth bday

This retro inspired image of a two layer cake with five candles and pretty decorated icing is also available as an SVG.

Download zip for the vector graphic.
Mouse chef

A cute mouse chef (or maybe a hedgehog?) carrying a large cake with far too many candles to count... I wonder how old his friend is?

birthday clown animation

Animated clown getting ready to cut off a slice.

Mom and dad with cake

Parents presenting a triple layer cake with 6 candles.

piece of cake

Slice of a chocolate cake with white icing and 1 lit candle, this image would be perfect for a baby turning 1 year old.

third bday

Here's a simple, but nice piece of clipart with three candles.

Download the zip for vector version.
Red, White and Blue Cake

A birthday cake with white icing, blue animated candles, pretty pink and blue decorations and red flowers.

Cake with many candles

Looking for an 'over the hill' image? This animation of a chocolate cake that's barely able to hold it's many, many candles might be fun!

problem blowing out candle

This funny animation shows a young boy having troubles blowing out the candle.

birthday girl

A small image of a girl getting ready to blow out her candles to make her wish.

baby turning 1 year old

A baby sitting in her high chair celebrating her first birthday.

Happy Birthday Cake

A cartoon hand holding a cake with 1 candle, could either be for a baby's first birthday or someone that no longer counts their age.