pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie, still steaming from the oven.


Another animation, this one shows a steaming hot homemade pie.

another apple pie

An apple pie surrounded by baking ingredients including flour, sugar, apples and a rolling pin. Looks like it's ready to pop in the oven.

apple pie

Another freshly baked apple pie and all the ingredients to bake some more.

Team Pie FTW :p

Here's a cute animation of fruit jumping into a very happy looking pie.

Cherry Pie Slice

A slice of cherry pie.


A little tartlet with white frosting and a cherry on top.


Angel Food Cake

This plain cake without frosting could be many different kinds, a simple vanilla or an angel food cake.

Cherry Cake

A pink cake with cherries or candy decorating the icing on top.

Animated Smilie With Cake

Mr. Smilie wearing a chef hat, licking his lips looking at the cake he just baked.


Cupcake with white icing and a cherry on top.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.

This muffin could be blueberry, raison or chocolate chip... either way it's a yummy snack!

Wedding Cake

Two tiered wedding cake with white icing and pink decorations. There's more wedding cakes here.

birthday cupcake

Cupcake with pink icing and 1 birthday candle.

Animated Birthday Cake

Here's a very nice animation of a birthday cake with five candles. If you're looking for more, here's a page full of birthday cake clipart.