Santa Reading To sleeping Girl

Here's a very cute image of Santa reading Christmas stories to a little girl who has fallen asleep.

Kissing Clauses

Mr. and Mrs. Claus kissing lovingly under the mistletoe.

Moon faced

Santa's face shown as a crescent moon.

Say Cheese!

Santa claus and a reindeer looking like they're posing for a photo :)

Santa's bag filled with goodies

A very large image of Santa holding his sac overflowing with toys.

Santas workshop

This graphic of Santa Claus in his workshop making a sled would make nice greeting cards with a vintage feel! Just print it out and customize your greeting.

Flying on a sleigh

A silhouette of Santa in his sleigh pulled by reindeer

Overflowing with gifts

Gift bag filled with presents including a puppy and kitten.

Elves on Strike!

This funny little image shows an elf with a sign saying "Elves on strike!".

Speeding in a car

Santa driving a bright green car very fast. (Maybe the reindeer went on strike as well)

no idea, its pretty though

Santa running holding sparklers (?) wearing an outfit decorated with stars.


Santa with a big, friendly smile and holly on his hat.

Hitting the Christmas punch?

Red faced and jolly!

Santas sleigh being loaded

Santa's sleigh being filled and ready to leave the workshop to deliver the gifts.

Sitting with toys

An old fashioned image of him with a doll, a drum and a wrapped gift.

Whispered Christmas wishes

Animation showing a little boy whispering something into Santa's ear.