Santa On Roof

I really like this image of Santa tip toeing on a rooftop on Christmas Eve, it has a vintage 1950's or 60's feel to it. Very cool and retro yet modern!

Sprinkling some magic

This one is nice and old fashioned, probably from a Victorian greeting card. It shows Santa adding some magic to a toy train.

Santa line art

Another modern interpretation of Santa. This very basic and small image would work well to decorate a holiday email or newsletter.

Santa Painting Toy

Animation of Mr. Claus painting a little toy soldier.


A Santa snowflake? A kaleidoscope? Not sure really but it is quite interesting!

Dancing Clauses

Santa and Mrs. Claus dancing.

Simple Santa

A clean, simple image of ol' St. Nick.

The morning after

The day after... resting in a soft chair on December 26th after the hectic holiday season.

Modern Santa

A very large, simple image of Santa.

Old fashioned saint nick

This vintage Christmas graphic shows two children surprised at seeing Santa.

Ms. Clause

There's a saying "Behind every great man is a great woman", so lets not forget Mrs. Claus!

On his way to work

A cheery Father Christmas waving goodbye as he prepares to slide down chimneys and deliver the gifts that are overflowing from his bag.

Santa and his mac

An animated gif of Santa Claus at the computer... What? You think he hasn't moved on to the digital age?

stuffing stockings

Filling Christmas Stocking on the mantle.

Santa with Wings

Flying Santa after drinking Red Bull? ;)

Black Santa

An African American Santa Claus.