ready to start decorating!

Dressed in a festive red and green outfit, this little elf is running with a bucket of paint to decorate the toys.

I love his boots!

Another elf in festive Christmas clothes including adorable curly toed booties.

tired or frusterated elf sitting in a boot

This one looks like he's had enough work for the day and is hiding inside one of Santa's boots.

jack In The Box

This small animation shows an elf holding a toy Jack-in-the-Box.

Huge grin, wearing glasses

An older elven helper wearing spectacles, a green hat with a bell and a big smile!

Elves making toys

Two little blonde elves at a workbench making gifts for the good boys and girls to find under the tree.

Surprised Elf

This little guy looks a bit shocked... perhaps he just found out how many children there are in the world to make gifts for. ;)

Sitting On Gifts

This little animation shows a tiny elf sitting on top of a wrapped gift waving.

making a toy train

One of Santa's elves putting the final touches on a toy train.

fill in the voice bubble

This is a great image since you can write something inside the large speech bubble!

even elves exchange gifts!

An boy elf giving a very big present to girl elf.


A little elf peeking out from behind a large bag of toys.

Brown skinned elf

A little elf in festive clothing, wearing a tool belt and a big, friendly grin!

A very large present

One of Santa's little elves holding a very large gift, or a very tiny elf!

One of Santas elves with a stuffed bear

A small piece of clipart showing an elf making a Christmas ornament and a teddy bear in a Santa hat.

Waving hello

One of Santa's elves dressed up in a cute green outfit.