Old Fashioned Tree

This old fashioned Christmas tree is decorated with candles, strings of pearls and antique Victorian style toys and decorations.

Tree After Christmas

This very bedraggled tree reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree or maybe after a particularly hectic holiday.

Silly Tree

Here's a silly piece of clipart showing a happy, decorated tree going for a walk.

Family Around Christmas Tree

The whole family sitting around the tree that's been beautifully decorated.

Old Man With Wrapped Present

Grandpa, an old uncle or some other elderly man holding a wrapped present by the tree.

Animated Tree

A lightly animated gif of a tree holding candy canes and singing or speaking.

Animated Christmas Tree

This animated image is fairly low key so it would work well for many situations! Quite pretty really.

little kid decorating the tree

Small child trimming the Christmas tree.

very decorative!

A small image of a very decorated tree!

tiny animated gif

Here's a small animation of a tree with bright lights.

Sad Tree

Wow, this tree has seen better days, it's lost most of it's branches and decorations!

small christmas tree

A very small image of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Red Christmas Ornament

Of course Christmas trees need decorations, so here's a very pretty, bright red ornament.

Christmas Ornaments

Some more Christmas balls, these ones also have holly decorating them.

Bells, Tree and Ornament

A christmas ornament, brass bells with a red ribbon and an undecorated Christmas tree... looks like it's time to start decorating!

Want the scalable vector graphic (SVG)? Download the zip file.
3 shiny Red Ornaments

Three simple but very beautiful, shiny red Christmas ornaments.

Want the scalable vector graphic? Download the zip file.