Guitar Player

Here's a large image of a guy playing an acoustic guitar, looks like he's rocking out hard!

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.

Here's a very large image of a blue, heavy 1mm guitar pick.

Guitar Tab

This image of empty tab music could either be used as is, or if you want you could edit it in your favorite graphics app and add your own music to it!

Want the SVG graphic? Download the zip.
accoustic guitar

Large acoustic guitar.

electric guitar

Shiny, deep red electric guitar.

earth banjo

This one's interesting, the base of the banjo is the earth!

Devil rocking out

Animation of the devil playing an electric guitar.

cool jazz cat :)

Cool cat, an alley cat playing guitar.


Rock guitarist practicing his art.

musician with guitar

Another animated guitarist.

black electric guitar

Here's a nice clipart of a black electric guitar.

Flying V

Gibson Flying V guitar, popular with many rock stars!