greedy man

A greedy looking banker or business man in a black suit and top hat.


A little guy juggling.

man dancing

A man dancing while listening to music on headphones.

man running

A scared looking man running fast.

man on a safari

Animated man on a safari looking through binoculars.

reading newspaper or a map

Confused man looking at a map maybe? (Why do men so often not ask for directions?)

old man and his dog

Mans best friend, an elderly gentleman with his pet dog.

happy man

Man walking jauntily while twirling his cane.

fiddled while Rome burned

Nero, the Emperor said to have played violin while rome burnt to the ground.

surprised face

Black and white clipart of a man that could be surprised, annoyed or even confused. This image reminds me a bit of some of the retro ads from the 1950's.

wine taster

A snooty man taste testing wine.

manga boy

This image of a young boy is in the Japanese cartoon style called Manga.

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