Fireman with an axe ready to go save people.

CEO, teacher or perhaps a secretary

A business woman with a note pad.


An elderly doctor with a stethoscope and needle.

house painter

Blue color worker mixing paint in a bucket.

guy at drafting board

Man working at a drafting board, an architect maybe?

guy in suit

Man in a blue business suit carrying a briefcase.

lights street light

Man in old fashioned clothing lighting a gas street lamp.

comedian from the old days

Court jester in full medieval costume including the fools hat and scepter.

Home sales woman

Real estate agent holding a house in her hands.


Part of the clean up crew, or a custodian sweeping.

business man

Business man in a grey suit.

mathematics teacher

Math teacher writing the theory of relativity (E=mc2) on a chalkboard.

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