Carebear Painting Rainbow

A cute animated gif of Cheer Bear, the pink Care Bear that spreads happiness and good cheer, painting a glittering rainbow while three colorful stars with happy faces rest in the fluffy cloud.

Sliding over the Rainbow

This is a cute, and long animation (for a gif), of a duck and person sliding over the rainbow.

Rainbows page divider

This one is quite tiny but it could be a nice if used as a page divider.

Bright Rainbow

This image is simple but so effective at showing the many colors, it has an almost starburst style to it, a bit hard to describe... but you can see it so I don't have to ;).

Between the clouds

Three little fluffy clouds with a pretty rainbow arcing between them.

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Clouds with smiling faces and an arching bow

This is the same picture as the last, but this time there are cute faces smiling in the clouds.

Clouds with Rainbow

A softer, semi-glossy image of a beautiful rainbow between two fluffy clouds. The pastel colors in this image might even be nice printed out and hung on the wall of a child's nursery!

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Lovely vibrant colours!

Another one, this time with green, blue, orange, purple and red in the arch leading to a bunch of hearts while other smaller ones drift down from the sky.

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Rainbow Heart

And a colorful heart made out of the colors of a rainbow.

Pot of gold

According to old European stories, fairies place a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow, guarded by leprechauns, looks like it's your lucky day!

Music Notes

A rainbow of music, this colorful staff is filled with many music notes all with different emotions on their faces.

Download the zip for the SVG.

Another beautifully simple image of the visible color spectrum.

Simple Rainbow

For some reason this one reminds me of a cartoon from the 1960's, not exactly sure why but it does have some funky psychedelic colors in it that were so popular at the time.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Pride Triangle

The gay pride triangle.

Gay Pride Flag

The rainbow flag symbolizing gay pride.

Animated colorful line

Since this animated rainbow page divider is very thin it's hard (or impossible) to see in the thumbnail, but click to view, it really is there and it's quite pretty.

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