Brown and white dog running.

puppy chewing boot

Adorable vintage image of a puppy chewing on a boot.


Cute animation of a white scottish terrier wearing a tiny hat and scarf.

Retrieving paper

Animated sheep dog bringing in a rolled up newspaper.

Sad faced dog

This poor dog looks so sad, I guess thats where the term 'giving puppy eyes' comes from!


Adorable hound dog with a slipper in his mouth.


Animated cartoon dog chewing on a bone.

puppy with songbird on head

Golden haired puppy with a chirping bird on his head.

Antique greeting card image

This picture is from a Victorian greeting card, and shows puppies chewing on their owners gloves.

sea dog

A salty old sea dog leaning on an anchor.

space dog

This could be a cartoon of Laika, the first dog in space, aboard the Sputnik 2 in 1957.

giving a gift

A puppy giving a wrapped up bone as a gift to his (or her) mother (or father).