dog in laundry basket

Animated dachshund puppy playing in a laundry basket.

dalmatian pup

Animation of a dalmatian puppy running.

Dalmatian puppies

Dalmatian puppies in a fire truck. Very cute!


Dalmatian dog.

mad dog biting person

An angry dog pulling a man out of his doghouse.


A hound sniffing his food.

cartoon doggie

Cartoon dog giving the "thumbs up" sign.

wags tail

Animated brown dog wagging his tail.

Dog and Puppy Inspired Web Page Dividers

Need to divide up content sections on your dogs webpage? Here are some cute graphics that are perfect!

A row of doggie bones (looks best on a dark background). doggie bones
A long red leash red leash page divider gif
A very, very long weiner dog! very long weiner dog
A page divider made up of milk bone treats. milk bones
This simple, but cute page divider will liven up any dog lovers page! puppies on a ribbon