soft pastel colors

Soft pink roses, ribbons and a gentle unicorn. This one has a transparent background and blends well on light backgrounds.

white and lilac

A small image of a unicorn with a lilac mane and tail.

with flowers woven into flowing manes

Two unicorns surrounded by flower blossoms.

Animation of a beautiful feminine unicorn

Lightly animated white unicorn with flowers braided into her mane.

purple and white

Another one with a purple mane and tail.

Moving very quickly!

Animation of a unicorn running very fast.

white marble unicorn profile

A gorgeous silhouette of a unicorn head.

Aww, so cute!

Peacefully curled up sleeping, with a lightly animated horn.

running winged horse

A gorgeous picture of Pegasus trotting.

starry maned

This one has a mane and tail that looks like a deep blue night sky filled with stars!

Pegasus in flight

Flying in a large circle.

One of my favorites in this section

A large, almost bubbly cartoon style image of pegasus.


These next three graphics of Pegasus look best on a dark backgrounds. This animation of a white pegasus flying,


this non-animated image,

white unicorn cleaning his shoulder

and this one... Even magical horned horses have to take the time to clean themselves every once in a while.

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