infant in a high chair

Baby in a high chair with bottle.

happy infant cartoon

This image of an infant girl in a pink diaper with her hair pulled up in a bow at the top of her head holding her bottle is so cute!

first kiss

Here's an adorable animation of a babies first kiss :)

baby girl

Baby girl hugging her teddy bear.

baby in stroller

Animation of a baby in a stroller waking up.

toddler in highchair

Vintage clipart image of a toddler in a highchair.

Babys First Birthday

A soon to be toddler celebrating their first birthday.

sad infant

Baby crawling and crying, animated.

animated baby

Baby in high chair eating.

baby in green sleeper

A tiny baby in a green jumper

Sleeping In Basket

A baby sleeping peacefully in a basket.

Weighing Baby

Baby being weighed on a scale.

Baby Boy Crawling

These next four images are sort of a set, this one of a cute baby boy crawling.

Baby Boy Sitting

Smiling baby boy sitting looking at you.

Baby Girl Crawling

And now for the girl, here she is crawling.

Baby Girl Sitting

Now she's sitting there looking very adorable.

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