Animated Icecream Cone

Here's a cute little animation of an ice cream cone slowly melting. The green ice cream could be pistachio, lime or even a fruity gelato, sorbet or sherbet. Yummy!

Animated Mouse Eating Cheese

Another cute animation, this one shows a little grey mouse nibbling on a large piece of cheese.

Animated Mouse On Orange Cheese

Animated gif of a grey mouse patting his tummy while sitting on top of a large piece of orange cheese.

Carton Low Fat Milk

A carton of pasteurized, homogenized, grade, A low fat milk that's been fortified with vitamins A and D. A very healthy part of many people's regular diet.

fondue pot

A small red pot filled with yummy cheese fondue.

Milk And Cookies

A carton of milk and a bag of chocolate chip (or raison) cookies, ingredients for a delicious snack!

Pitcher Pouring Milk

Milk (either from a cow, goat or made from soy) being poured out of a glass pitcher.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Plate Of Cheeses

A platter with various kinds of cheese, as well as some grapes and nuts.

Swiss Cheese

A large wedge of swiss cheese with a few slices already cut, sitting on top of a wooden cutting board.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Wedge Of Cheese

Here's an alternate version showing a wedge of cheese.

Wheel Of Cheese

A large wheel of cheese, this might be where the last piece was cut from. ;)

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Moving Wheel Of Cheese

An animation showing a piece of cheese being taken from the large wheel.


A container of yoghurt with a cow on the front.

banana split

Banana split ice cream sunday.

strawberry float

Strawberry ice cream float with a cherry on top and two straws.

Woman Milking Cow

Since this is where most dairy products come from, here's an old fashioned picture of a woman milking a cow. (More cow clipart here.)