Female Chef

Here's an image of a female chef (why is it that so few women become chefs I wonder?)

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Cartoon Chef

Here's a rather silly cartoon of a chef running with his latest culinary creation.

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cook cutting carrots

Here's a small animation of a chef chopping a carrot.

short order cook

A messy short order cook at a fast food restaurant or diner, with food spilt all over his apron.

cook in a messy kitchen

A rather messy, new dessert chef looking up recipes while baking.

Italian pasta chef

This spaghetti chef really gets into his work! Wrapped up in strands of pasta while holding a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

desert tray and proud chef

Pastry chef holding a tray of freshly baked cakes, cupcakes and other sweets.

smells great!

Animation of a chef gesturing that the food smells great.

spinning pizza dough

Here's a small image of an Italian cook tossing pizza dough.

restaurant delivery

Farmer or delivery man delivering fresh produce to a restaurants head chef.

pasta chef

This is either a very tiny chef or some very large spaghetti and meatballs!

small cooks, big meal

Two tiny cooks preparing food in a huge frying pan.

running breakfast cook

Animated cook running with a plate piled high with pancakes.

Cartoon Chef

This simple but high quality graphic is available as both a scalable vector graphic and a large transparent png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
chef holding tray

Happy chef holding a meal in a covered tray.

pizza chef

Animation of an Italian chef preparing pizza dough and sauce.


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