Kiwi Half

Here's a small image of a kiwi cut in half.


A kiwi cut in half to reveal the green fruit and seeds inside.

Animated Kiwis

A very cute kiwi with a heart shaped on her tummy and a smaller one by her side.


Mice Eating Watermelon

This animation of mice eating a watermelon and spitting out the seeds looks much nicer on a dark background.


Two watermelons, one whole, the other cut into a slice ready to be eaten.


Half of a watermelon.

Watermelon Animation

A silly little animation of a watermelon spitting out his seeds.



A bunch of grapes, great as a snack on a hot day and of course to make delicious wine!

Want the SVG? Download the zip.
Purple Grapes

Another bunch of grapes surrounded by leaves and vines.

fruit basket

Small basket filled with apples, an orange a banana and some very dark purple grapes.

Grapes On Vine

Looking for animated grapes? Here's one of a bunch swinging on the vine.