Green Pepper

A crisp green pepper.

Yellow Pepper

And a yellow pepper

Red Pepper

This image of a red pepper is available as both an SVG and a large transparent png.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Cayenne Pepper

Looking for something a bit spicier? Here's a cayenne pepper,

Habanero Pepper

a habanero pepper,

hot peppers

a peperoncino pepper,


and of course the king of hot peppers.. the mighty JalapeƱo!

hot pepper

Hot pepper.


Corn On The Cob

Here's a very large, transparent png of corn on the cob, the husk is partially open to reveal the yummy kernels inside.

Cob Of Corn

Mmm, one of my favorites, a cob of corn with butter melting on it.

Ear of Corn

Corn on the cob, ready to be eaten at a picnic perhaps.

corn on the cob

Here's a small image of a piece of corn on the cob with the husk split open.