Brown Bat

A very nice image of a black bat in front of a glowing yellow, full moon.

Want a bigger png or high resolution SVG? Download the zip file.
Brown Bat

A cute brown bat, this is a nice image if you want something not-so scary.

Want a larger png or vector graphic? Download the zip file.
black bats

A small but nice image of two black bats flying in the darkness with a purple, glowing cloud in the background.

brown bat

Another cartoon image of a brown bat, this one might be more of a Halloween decoration than a depiction of a real bat because of the string above his / her head/


A very small animated bat in front of a full moon.

animated gif

I really like this one, it's very small but the blue behind the bat animation is such a nice color!

yup... more of them

Gone batty yet? Here's a whole bunch more brown ones on a dark background.

frantically flapping

Flapping it's wings against the light of the full moon. This image looks better on a dark background.

itty bitty batty

A very, very tiny image of a bat, zoom if you want but it really is this small. It might be useful as a bullet point on a list?


And another one of course.

Gargoyle or living statue?

Animated bat made of stone sitting on top of a gravestone that says "Happy Halloween".

divider line

Web page divider made of tiny black Halloween bats.