skeletal balerinas

Four very bony ballerinas dancing on stage with a banner behind that says "Happy Halloween".
(I know ballerinas are supposed to be skinny, but this is too much! ;) )

Download zip file for larger version of the png & a vector file.
Grim Reaper

The grim reaper with glowing red eyes, of course wearing the traditional outfit of a grey hooded robe and carrying a scythe.

Download zip containing bigger png & SVG.
waking the dead?

Animation of a skeleton sitting up out of a casket.

bones resting on a casket

And this one laying sprawled on top of the coffin.


Animated skeleton beckoning you to come closer.. the toothy grin makes it even more scary!

Looks like he needs the candy!

A skeleton out trick or treating. This clipart looks best on a dark background.


Sitting on top of a locked gold chest.

skeletal ghost

Spooky skeletal ghost with red glowing eyes, wearing a dark red robe, holding an ominous red orb in his hands.

smiling bone guy

Here's a very silly, but happy animated skeleton dancing.

Silly animated skeletons

Funny animation showing one skeleton kicking another out of the way.

Animated skeletal ghost

A spectral face that's nothing but bones, floating fast towards you! Spooky huh :-o


Arr Matey, here be an undead pirate, nothing left but bones and fancy clothes!

skelly out for a jog

Side view of a running human skeleton... Maybe he's trying to put on some muscle. ;)


A long dead warrior still marching and carrying his shield and sword.

human skull and hand bones

Skull with the bones of hands behind his head.


This little image of dancing skeletons in pink top hats is extremely old! It's the very first piece clipart that I downloaded from the web. It's also the image I used the first time I learned how to embed them in pages!