Vampire Ghost

While the concept of a vampire ghost is a bit illogical (aren't they immortal?), he's just so cute!

With this image there's also a zip file to download that contains a high resolution scalable vector version (SVG) that will work well for print media.

Here's a very smooth, black and white image of a stylish male vampire.

This clipart is also available as a high resolution vector file.
Human mouth with fangs

Bright red lips with fangs peeking out, definitely the mouth of a vampire.

Zip file with high rez images.
Vampire Girl

This winking female vampire reminds me of a character from an old black and white horror film.. well, other than it's in color.


And of course no vampire graphics collection would be complete without Count Dracula, so here's a black and white image of perhaps the most famous of the undead.

Scary fingernails!

Cartoon image of a vampire running wearing a blue outfit with a long red jacket over top.

waking up

Rested and ready to start the day... er, night. This cartoon vampire has ghastly green skin and is sitting up out of his casket.

Vampire Mouth

Here's a smaller graphic of a mouth open wide to show long, bloody fangs.

Vampire Trick Or Treat

Count Dracula again, here he seems to be out trick or treating.