human skull

A small black and white image of a human skull with a black background.

skull spider

A red spider with a human skull.

grave stone

A skeleton leaning against his (or her) tombstone.

animation of skeleton hand

Animated skeletal hand gesturing you to go visit! (Looks best on a dark background.)

Dead man walking?

A very tiny image of a 3D animated walking skeleton towards you.

goth clipart

This barely visible image shows a gothic stone skull decoration with wings, subtle and spooky!

standing still

This one has a transparent background and looks best on a dark page.

RIP tombstone

Bony hand scrawling R.I.P. Name on their gravestone.

boney hand

Another spooky hand that's nothing but bones.

human skeletons and pumpkin

A small image of of either very little skeletons or a huge pumpkin!