Sorceress or a kid in halloween costume?

A simple, sweet image of a green haired, smiling sorceress... could be a child dressed up in a Halloween costume.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Hansel and Gretel

I'm told this vintage image is from an antique copy of Hansel and Gretel.

Wicked old witch

A green skinned, wicked old with wearing a ragged grey robe with spiderwebs on it.

Antique clipart scan

This vintage clipart shows a young, beautiful witch wearing a red dress, green cape and a pointy hat with ribbons. She's holding a black cat and has her broom nearby ready to ride off.

another vintage graphic

Another vintage image. "If I were a witch upon a big switch, A-riding through the air, I'd fly around, then drop to the ground, And give you an awful scare."

Antique scan

An antique scan that reads "Put on a witch's cloak and hat, make friends with a black cat. Burn a candle and watch the flame and it will spell your true lovers name."

Witch Flying

A scary old witch flying through the sky surrounded by bats. I love the expression on the moon (or suns?) face!

Which gear

A black pointed hat, a broom and of course a pet bat... all the gear needed!

Downloadable as a zip file with a high resolution png and vector graphic.
Witch with boiling cauldren

Cartoon of an old witch stirring a cauldron filled with a frightening bubbling, green liquid.

Witch Flying

An old witch dressed in black flying on her broomstick in front of a yellow crescent moon.

Witch - Black and white clipart

A pretty cool looking, hollywood style version of a witch done in black and white. It reminds me a bit of a character you'd see in a 1950's horror film.

funny cartoon of witch riding a vacuum

I guess this wicked witch has taken her craft into present day since has given up her broom and now rides a vacuum cleaner.

Here's the download of the large png and svg.
doing a dance

Dancing witch.

dressed in pink

This clipart is a transparent gif, but looks best on a dark background.

on broom

And here's an animated page divider for your bewitching web page.