White Bear

This simple black and white line drawing of a polar bear is available to download as a scalable vector graphic and as a transparent png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.

Another simple, but very cute image of this much loved, arctic bear.

Knut The Polar Bear

The artist that created this said it's a picture of Knut, the polar bear that lived in the Berlin Zoological Garden for over 30 years, probably one of the most famous bears of all time.

polar bear cubs

Animated polar bear babies.

cub out for a walk

Animated cartoon of a polar bear cub walking.

out for a stroll

A picture of an adult polar bear walking, the detail of the white fur is really quite amazing!


Baby bear cub sitting in the arctic snow.

yup, same thing

Another nice polar bear graphic.

playful cub

A very cute polar bear, leaning back holding onto it's back paws with a big smile on his face. It looks like he (or she) is ready to play.


Normally I don't put photos on here but this on of two lounging in the snow is far too cute to skip!

Blinking Polar Bear

Another cute animation, this one is blinking and looks either curious or tired.. maybe both ;).

Polar Bear With 2 Cubs

A polar bear mom cuddling her two little cubs... so adorable!