Giant Panda In Tree

This cute image of a giant panda bear sitting in a tree is available in a download that contains a scalable vector version and the large transparent png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Panda bear wearing Santa suit

This cute cartoon of a panda bear dressed in a Santa Claus outfit is fairly large so it might make a nice e-greeting card!

shocked panda

Is it just me or does this one look quite surprised, maybe even shocked?

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.

This simple but cute black and white cartoon, showing the cub with his arms and legs out like he (or she) is ready to give a big hug.

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.
Eating bamboo

This image of a large panda eating a small sprig of bamboo is available as a SVG and a png.

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.
Sad Panda

This one looks so sad :(

Bear Hug

Aww, two pandas falling in love under the night sky... it's a bear hug!

animated dancing panda

This animation of a happy dancing panda is small, but very adorable!

small panda graphic

Here's another very little image.


Panda eating bamboo shoots.


Two panda bears either frolicking or resting in a eucalyptus tree, since the graphic isn't animated it could be either one.


Another image of a giant panda bear.

cleaning up

Cartoon of a panda sweeping, wearing jeans and a red t-shirt, who knew they were so tidy?

leaning on each other

Simple black and white image of two pandas leaning against each other.


Here's a cute animation of a mother rocking her baby cub in her arms.

Cute Panda Animation

This is a very cute animation of a very excited panda cub doing flips.