Canada goose flying

Despite their name. Canada Geese are Internationally know birds. In this picture the Canada goose is in flight.

Canada goose in marsh

Another Canadian goose, in this image he's standing in the wetlands.


The most famous penguin, Baby Tux, the Linux mascot.

peace dove

White dove of peace

bird items

The image of a birdhouse, eggs and feathers is all one graphic, but if you prefer you could cut it apart with your favorite image editor and use them separately.


Red cardinal.

duck fishing

Animated cartoon of a duck going fishing.

small bird with a letter

Tiny animation of a dove holding a letter.


Stylized image of a duck.


Two pink flamingos wading in shallow water.


A large graphic of an ostrich with his head in the sand.

hummingbird feeding

Hummingbird hovering at a feeder.


Another hummingbird, this time feeding on flower nectar.



blue macaw

A parrot (or blue macaw) cracking open a snack in it's powerful beak.


A scarlet macaw or parrot sitting on a branch.

Bird house

Bird house with a hummingbird.

page divider

A web page divider made of birdhouses on a wire.

flying ducks

Another divider with ducks flying past.

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