Owl On Branch

Here's a really beautiful graphic of an owl on a branch.

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.
Owl Glasses

This scholarly owl wearing glasses looks either angry, or stern... either way the image is beautiful!

Download the zip for the vector image.
fat owl

Here's a simple and very cute cartoon of a plump, brown owl.

Download the zip for the vector image.
scholarly owl

No page filled with clipart of owls would be complete without the wise old owl deep in concentration reading a book!

with lantern

In this cartoon the owl is holding a lantern and squinting at something off in the distance.

green owl

This ones pretty large, so you may have to resize it a bit depending what you use it for.

brown owl

These next two images of (I think) barn owls, this one...

pointing owl

and this one... would work perfectly on an educational page, they could be pointing at important information, school assignments or anything else.

Graduated Owl

Here's another with a school theme, this owl is wearing a graduation cap and glasses.

Funny Owl Animation

A funny black and white animation of two owls sitting on a tree branch. "Whoooo's there?"

Animated Sleepy Owl

An animated gif of a sleepy owl wearing a nightcap, barely able to keep his eyes open.

Two Tiny Owls

Another animated gif, this time of two owls, looks like a parent and baby.

White Snow Owl

I really like this white snow owl, the animation is very subtle, so much so it may be missed if you don't keep an eye on it... a cute little surprise!

Pointing Owl

Another cute one, this time the little guy is pointing and winking. Could be useful to direct attention to an important area of the page.

Black And White Owl

This black and white picture of an owl sitting on a tree branch is available as both a large transparent png and an SVG.


Bambi's friend from the famous Disney cartoons.

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