Castle In Clouds

This large image of a castle at the top of a cliff, high in the clouds is available as both a SVG and png.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Friendly looking castle

A beautiful clipart castle has towers topped with vibrant red roofs and bright pink / fushia flags flying high. Since it's a transparent png the edges will look nice and smooth in modern browsers.

dark castle

Here's a smaller, more foreboding looking one, high atop a rocky hill.

tiny castle

A tiny image of a brown castle with 2 turrets.

small fortress walls

Tiny image of fortified walls topped with battlements.

Pink and blue fortress

This one looks more like something from a fairy tale to me with its pink walls and bright blue turret tops.

Castle in the clouds

Castle sitting on a cloud.

Golden Castle

A gold castle on top of a hill.