Manga Mermaid

This beautiful image of a blue haired, manga style mermaid is available both as a large transparent png and a scalable vector graphic!

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
Mermaid Waiting

Here's a large, and beautiful image of a mermaid waiting on a rock while a boat floats near the shore.

Blonde Mermaid

Here's an image of a blonde mermaid sitting with her green tail wrapped beneath her.

mermaid riding a seahorse

This cute animated image of a mermaid riding a seahorse looks best on a dark background.


Not all mer-people can be female, so here's a nice quality image of a merman!

old fashioned image of a mermaid

Old fashioned, vintage clipart of a blonde mermaid with a shimmering green tail wearing flowers.

blond mermaid

Here's a very small and very old (think vintage internet) image of a blond mermaid.

animated mermaid

Colorful anime mermaid animation, makes me a bit dizzy!

mermaid floating on a bubble

A beautiful image of a mermaid floating on a bubble, hair flowing in the waves.


Blue haired mermaid.

cartoon mer maid

Another very old but cute cartoon (The reason why some of these graphics are so small is that they were created in the days of dial up internet... think vintage ;)).

Neptune, god of the ocean

And for something slightly different, but relevant here's an animated image of Neptune, the God of the sea sitting on his throne.