sorcerer making magic potion

Animation of a wizard in purple robes mixing a magical potion.

short, wize wizard

A very short, wizened old wizard carrying a tall staff.

Silly Old Mage

Another funny animation of a wizards spell going terribly wrong, as he turns himself into a goat, turtle, then a crab.

Evil Sorcerer

Here's a rather evil looking sorcerer getting ready to cast a spell.

happy wizard

Dark animation of an old friendly looking sorcerer.

clairvoyant merlin

Merlin gazing into a crystal ball, looking to see the future.


An old mage holding a staff, I can't decide if he looks mean, or old and wise.


Green skinned warlock with a very long, grey beard.

magic spell explodes

A funny animation of a spell going wrong :)

wizard casting spell

Animation of a wizard in black robes with stars, casting a spell.

Small sorceress

Small sorceress with crystal ball and magic wand.

wizard with spellbook

Ancient sorcerer in a brown robe and hat, with a spell book.

Sorcerer creating lightening

Animation of a sorcerer casting lightening.

sorceress stirring cauldren

An old sorceress stirring a bubbly, brewing cauldron.


Old wizard in blue and red robes, carrying a magical staff and holding his wizards hat.

spell casting old mage

Small graphic of a wizard making magical lightening bolts.