All Star Dad

Is your dad a baseball fan? This "All Star Dad" clipart would be great to send in an email or use for making a nice card!

Dad With Balloon

A cartoon of a man holding a balloon that says "#1 Dad". test

Dads Day

Like father, like son... both dressed up in a business suit and tie with the calendar behind them marked off as "Dad's Day".


OK, so it may not be directly tied (*ahem, pardon the pun) to Father's day, but here's a cute image of a stereotypical gift for Dad, a tie! This cute blue tie even has a smilie face in it.

Fathers Day Card

A loving son giving his dad a Happy Fathers Day card.

Relaxed dad

This image has a bit of a retro look to it and is of a father sitting relaxing with the newspaper after a hard day's work.

Little girl with a card for daddy

A cute image of a daughter with a card for her dad. This one is a bit large but I left it this size since it could make such an adorable card.

Disapointed with their presents

This funny animation shows 3 guys getting ties as a gift.

Chocolate Kiss

Small animated chocolate kiss wrapped in silver foil with a waving tag that says "Happy Fathers Day".

#1 Dad Award

Here's a nice award you could send your dad that tells him he's the #1 Dad!

Father Award

Another award, this one says "Father of the Year!"

Dad Heart

A cute and simple way to tell your father you love him, an image that says "Dad" inside a red heart.

Number 1 Dad

Simple and to the point, a coffee cup with the slogan "#1 Dad!".

Worlds Best

"World's Best Father" surrounding a beautiful image of Earth.

Gift From Son

Another small graphic of a son giving his papa a gift.

top pop!

"Pop, You're the Top!" written in a pastel rainbow gradient.