Happy Birthday Clipart

Happy Bday!

This very cute image of animals making the letters spelling "Happy Birthday" could be perfect to decorate a child's card or even to make a banner in their honor at their party!

Download zip for vector version.
Floral Boquet

A simple, but beautiful bouquet of flowers with "happy birthday" wishes.

Download zip for vector (SVG) version.
Champagne dreams

Here's a wonderful way to wish someone the best on their special day, this image has it all... a bottle of champagne, two glasses, a beautifully wrapped gift, balloons, streamers and fireworks!

Garfield Giving Daisies

This cartoon of Garfield the cat presenting a bouquet of daisies is a cute, cheerful way of sending your best wishes!

Vintage greeting

This vintage image shows beautiful birds and says "To wish you every Birthday Blessing"

happy birthday fortune cookie

An animation of a fortune cookie with a "Happy Birthday" wish inside.

happy birthday wishes

"Happy Birthday" with balloons and confetti.


Here's a cute monkey holding a sign that says "Happy Birthday".

Birthday Parties

vintage birthday party clipart

Old fashioned outdoor party for children set in the 1940s or 1950s. This image is rather large so it would make a great home-made greeting card!

Party Owl

Here's a very cute owl heading to a (late night?) party carrying a cake and a wrapped gift, wearing a party hat.

Download zip for vector version.
Birthday Boy

This clipart of a little boy playing could either be for a birthday party invitation, a card or a regular party. Download and customize by adding your own text.

Download zip for vector version.
Emily Strange Birthday

A strange birthday! This well known goth girl (Emily Strange) is carrying a cake decorated with a skull and crosses.

Download zip for vector graphic.

Other Birthday Stuff

Party Hat

Here's a larger image of a party hat with a horn / noise maker.

Sweet 16

"Sweet 16" sign surrounded by hearts, for a girls sixteenth birthday.

Over the hill

Animation of someone getting "Over the Hill".

Today Is Your Bday

Hmm, I really can't decide if this little mouse giggling because "Today is your Birthday" is cute or if he's being a bit mean and laughing at the age... either way, I love the image!