Easter morning

This image of all the spring animals out looking for Easter eggs could be nice for a printable project!

Want the vector graphic? Download the zip.
child wearing an easter costume

A cute image of a small child dressed in a rabbit suit, surrounded by blue tulips, a symbol of springs arrival.

Child in an easter costume

Here's that same child in the rabbit outfit standing beside a small brown rabbit.

Kitten in an Easter present

This image of a kitten playing in a floral wrapped gift, holding a painted egg is so adorable!

Easter angel

A young angel carrying baby chicks in her apron and a basket of pastel painted eggs sitting beside.

Everything Easter!

This image has just about everything you imagine when you think of Easter celebrations; bunnies, eggs, spring flowers and colorful decorations!

Easter kitty

Here's a very cute, and slightly old fashioned picture of a kitten with a basket of Easter eggs.

Ooops, split the seam

A funny animation of a teddy bear bending over to look for Easter eggs, accidentally splits a hole in his jeans.

Vintage style

Old fashioned image of a Dutch girl in traditional costume carrying two tiny bunnies.

All aboard the Easter egg train!

Easter train in beautiful pastel colors.

Hoppy Easter

Another Easter train, this one in bright colors.

Baby lamb

Here's a cute graphic of an adorable lamb holding a pastel colored Easter egg.

Fuzzy lamb

OK, it's not really just for Easter, but here's another image of a very wooly lamb.

Young girl ready for Easter

A bit more traditional style image of a little girl in her Easter best carrying spring flowers.