Happy Halloween

This is either a silhouette of an owl sitting on a branch, or a black cat... it changes each time I look ;) Either way, it wishes the viewers a Happy Halloween! This one is also available to download as a high resolution vector image (SVG) for print media and a larger version of the png.

Colorful Mask

Because sometimes being a princess or fairy is the costume choice, here's a pretty mask full of swirling color and a star and moon.

Orange Mask

This orange mask is another image that won't frighten children and neutral enough for any occasion costumes are called for... throwing a costume ball? this would be great on the invitations!

Halloween night

A spooky image of a night scene... a witch flies through the night sky on her broomstick behind a dead tree, watching you are two frightening glowing eyed jack-o-lanterns. Again, another with a available a vector image for print media inside a zip file.

Happy Halloween

Front door decorated for All Hallow's Eve complete with a skeleton, Jack o Lanterns, black cats and a "Happy Halloween" sign above.

Kitten and Jackolantern

An adorable black kitten peeking around to face a tiny carved pumpkin.

Candy Corn

Candy corn, a sweet treat we only seem to eat at Halloween.

Happy Halloween Sign

Bright orange sign that says "Happy Halloween" and is decorated with a spider web.

Scary Black Cat

Spooky black halloween cat with its back arched & ready to pounce.

Black Kitten in Bag

A cute little black cat peeking out of a trick or treat bag.

Scare Crow Kid

An old fashioned graphic of a young boy dressed up as a scarecrow.


This scarecrow looks pretty angry... mad crow?

RIP Tombstone Marker

A gravestone marked with only R.I.P.

Pumpkin Pooh

Winnie the Pooh in a pumpkin costume.

Winnie the Pooh

Pooh bear dressed in a honey bee costume this time.


Piglette dressed up as a ghost out trick or treating.