black widow

Black widow spider.

lady bug

Small Lady Bug

preying mantis

Preying mantis


Green grasshopper

caterpillar cartoon

A very hungry caterpillar.

animated ladybug

Animated cartoon of a ladybug.

love bug cartoon

A funny and cute cartoon of a love bug =-)

firefly animation

Animated firefly lighting up.


A nice illustration of a dragonfly.


A large picture of a brown ant.

spider animation

Animated spider dropping down on a thread.

firefly cartoon animation

Cartoon of a firefly holding a lantern, animated.


Cartoon of a house fly.

large dragonfly clipart

A larger graphic of a dragonfly in soft purples.

brown spider

A large brown spider.

spider animated

Animation of a small spider walking across the page.

Bugs and Insects Clipart: