Canada day!

Parliament building and the Canadian flag

animation of fireworks and the maple leaf

Animated Canada Day clipart with a maple leaf and fireworks.

tiny flag

Small Canadian flag graphic.

animated canada day clipart

Maple leaf and canadian flag animation.

waving Canadian flag

Canada's flag blowing above a map of canada.

red maple leaf

Red Maple leaf, there are more maple leaves here.

I love Canada

Canada flag in a heart

Canada Flag

Medium sized image of the Canadian flag raised on the flagpole.

Canada Flag Parliment

The Canadian Flag blowing in front of the Parliament buildings.

Old Map Of Canada

A map of Canada (Note: This is an older map that doesn't include the newest territory, Nunavut.)

Map Of Canada

The same graphic as the last, but a paler version that could be used as a background image.

Canada Umbrella Small

Canada's Red Maple leaf on an umbrella.

Present Coat Of Arms

Present Coat Of Arms. The Canadian motto "A Mari usque ad Mare" means "From sea to sea".


Two kids watching the annual fireworks display.

Maple Leaf Background

This Maple leaf graphic, & the next, are both backgrounds. To see how they would look tiled, click and a preview will open. (It may be easier to save them from the thumbnails.)

Maple leaves background

Another great background image, again of Maple leaves.

Canadian Themed Web Page Dividers

These are perfect for using as separators on your web pages for July First.

Simple red page divider with a tiny red maple leaf.

red maple leaf

A very nice graphic of maple leaves in autumn and "Canada" printed on it.