Fairy With Wand

This beautiful image of an adorable fairy holding a magic wand is available as a large transparent png and a scalable vector graphic.

Want the SVG? Download the zip file.
faerie standing on a dragonflies back

A small blue fairy hitching a ride on the back of a dragonfly.

Pixie with a flower umbrella

Pixie flying in the rain with a flower for an umbrella.


A small image with a black background of a little fairy with beautiful, transparent wings and a formal gown.

blue fairy, pointed ears

A very airy feeling image of a blue fairy.

faerie with magic wand

Animated cartoon fairy with a wand winking at you ;)

blue butterfly winged fairy woman

This one has beautiful blue wings and has pixie dust glittering in front of her.

Fairy Godmother animated cartoon

Animation of an elderly woman that could be a Fairy Godmother, waving a star tipped wand.

Adding color to spring flowers

Animation of a fairy hovering in front of flowers, painting their petals.

butterfly faerie

With butterfly antenna and multi-colored lights flashing in her wings.

Fairy Elf

Animated fairy with a magic wand.

Golden fairy

Golden fairy with glitter.

lake sprite

Green fairy by the lake.

fairy animation

There must be a touch of faery magic in this fairy's dress... the blue gown has a light sparkling animation that reminds me of the stars in the night sky.

Elven on rose

Elven fairy on a white rose, with animated lights in wings.

golden fairy

Seated fairy with green and gold butterfly wings.