3D Glasses

This image of a pair of 3D glasses used in movie theaters is available as both a large transparent png and an SVG if you'd like to use it in print.

movie audience

Silhouette of movie theatre audience, notice that the guy is doing the famous "yawn, stretch, arm around date" move ;) Kind of funny and will look great on a any website dedicated to theater!

film cans

A stack of film cans and a movie reel.



admit one ticket

Purple "Admit One" ticket, this could either be for a theatre entrance of used for other things.

admission ticket

Pink movie theatre ticket

animated cameraman gif

Animation of a cameraman running to get the story.

film reels

Movie film reels.


"Take One" animated clapboard.

cinema spot lights

Theatre spotlights, these look like the huge ones outside during major theatrical events.


A small cartoon clapper board that says "Act".

snapping clapperboard

Black and white drawing of hands holding the clapperboard just before "Lights, camera... action".

television animation

Small animated television with static on the screen.


A very nice, high quality image of a piece of film.

antique camera and photographer

Animated photographer using an old fashioned camera.

director's chair

Large image of a bright red directors chair.