diploma scroll

A diploma rolled up and tied with a red ribbon.

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A diploma open showing the official red seal.

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Clown School

Who says all educational pursuits are serious? This guy has become a clown school graduate!

graduation hat

A blue graduation cap with a yellow tassel...

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green tastle

And a black cap with a green tassel.

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This image showing a stylized university graduate is general enough it has so many uses related to graduating from school!

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male graduate

Here's a cartoon version of a male student completing his education, dressed in a red grad robe and hat.

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versatile graduate clipart

This simple black and white clipart could be left as is or brought into your favorite image editor and colored however you like.

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graduation stuff

School graduation, grad hat resting on a pile of school books.

grad cap and degree

Graduation cap and degree scroll.

university graduates

Two university graduates in blue gowns and black graduation caps.

Graduation kitty

Striped cartoon cat in a grad cap holding a diploma... the purrfect student?

proud graduate

A cartoon of a very happy student that has finished his studies.

graduation items

Items for the final graduation ceremony, a blue hat with the customary tassel, diploma and pen.

You did it!

"You did it!" Small, simple and to the point.


University graduate or perhaps a professor standing on a stack of books.