Cat Face

I've woken up seeing something similar to this many times... a large cat face close up.

Download the zip for the scalable vector files and transparent png.
a litter of kittens with toys

This is such a beautiful picture of a litter of kittens with playing with toys including a toy mouse, catnip bag and of course a ball of string.

black halloween cat

An almost iconic image of a spooky black cat with back arched, hissing and ready to attack, great for halloween!

Hello Kitty

Small Hello Kitty graphic.


Here's a nice animation of Garfield the famous orange feline and one of the most popular cartoon characters.

Long haired kitty

For long haired cat lovers, here's a beautiful image of a white persian with soft, fluffy fur.

Chews shoe laces

I love this adorable and playful graphic of a kitten inside a pair of small running shoes chewing on the laces!

black and grey cat

Black, grey and white cat. (Lightened this might make a great fixed background image!)

Kitties in love

Animation of two cats in love watching the sunset.

Pale gray kitten

Cute little image of a light grey cat.

Gray striped cat

Grey tabby with beautiful green eyes.

Kitten in a blankie

White kitty playing underneath a blanket.

Hang in there

A cute cartoon version of the famous "Hang in there" kitty poster.

Bath time

Animated gif of a grey kitten wearing a blue bow on her head, cleaning herself.

Small black cat

The back view of a small black cat sitting down.

cats pajamas

The cat's pajamas!

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