ping pong animation

Animated ping pong paddle and ball.

animated bicyclist

Animation of a cyclist out for a bike ride.

elderly weight lifter

Unhappy, elderly weight lifter.

professional weight lifter

Animated graphic of a much more successful weight lifter.

volley ball

Volley ball.

cartoon of a man snowboarding

One of the more popular winter sports... snowboarding. In this cartoon the snowboarder is flying downhill so fast he's about to lose his hat!

Cheerleaders Animation

Not only do cheerleaders keep the spirits up at American football games, cheerleading is a sport on it's own!

bowling pins and ball

Bowling ball and pins.

Smilie throwing a dart at the dartboard

I have a friend that swears playing darts is a sport because while it doesn't require athleticism, it does require great skill. Either way, here's a cute picture of a smilie playing darts

tennis ball in motion

Tennis ball flying through the air.

tennis racket

Tennis racket.


A very smooth image of a set of rollerblades.


I can't tell if it's a lawn dart or the kind aimed at dart boards.


Animation of a bowler at the bowling alley.

pink and blue boxing gloves

Pink and blue boxing gloves fighting... the battle of the genders?

sports fan

A sports fan cheering on his favorite team.