Cartoon Beaver

A cartoon of a smiling beaver, one of the symbols of Canada. (umm, not just happy ones are, I mean beavers in general ;) ) These animals are known for building dams in rivers. This is available both as a large transparent png and an SVG.

black and white zebra drawing

This black and white pencil sketch of a zebra is small but very beautiful, the detail in the drawing is amazing!


One of my favorite wild animals, here's a small image of a very cute little squirrel.

Animated walrus

Animation of a walrus breaking ice with his large tusks.


Adorable, high quality glossy image of a seal.

Skunk animation

A small animated skunk with jiggling lines showing that it recently sprayed in defense and smells terrible.

ram animation

Animated cartoon of a ram running very quickly.


Small chipmunk.

lol :)

Hehe, this animation of baby chicks makes me laugh every time I see it.

noahs arc

Noah's Ark filled with animals

humorous racoon animation

Funny animated raccoon cartoon trying to fly by spinning his striped tail like a helicopter.

giraffe standing

Giraffe, this one standing still.

giraffe feeding

Another giraffe bending down to eat.

lamb animation

An adorable animated, pink sheep or lamb, wiggling it's tail and ears.

ground hog

Cartoon of a groundhog looking for it's shadow. In some areas they celebrate groundhog day, if this little animal sees it's shadow and goes back into the burrow, spring is said to be delayed for another 6 weeks.

juggling seal

A small animation of a circus seal wearing a party hat and frilly collar while he (or she) juggles and balances balls on it's nose.