Audio Cassette

Remember making mix tapes on cassettes? Well, here's a nice large graphic of an audio cassette with a blank label ready for you to fill.

Want this in a vector graphic? Download the zip.

Large, over the entire ear headphones for listening to your favorite tunes.

Looking for a larger png and a vector version? Download the zip.

Maracas decorated with blue and red with white stars.

Want the SVG Vector? Download the zip.
Marching Band

Here's an image of a marching band in red uniforms, including a drum and trumpet and horns.

Music Stand

A nice, simple image of a metal sheet music stand.

Old Radio

An old fashioned radio.. maybe from the 1940's or 1950's?


A very colorful Xylophone.


A somewhat old fashioned microphone on a stand.

Scottish musicians

Here's a small image of a highland band from Scotland wearing kilts and playing guitar.

when the fat lady sings...

A small animation of an opera singer wearing a helmut with horns and a warrior costume.

animated headphones

Animated headphones with a microphone mouthpiece.

old fashioned radio

Old fashioned radio from some time around the 1940's.


Gramophone, the first style of personal musical player!


A fairly large image of a DJ spinning records, you may need to size this one down a bit.


Small desktop microphone.


Found on many older players, but less often on more modern ones, an animated equalizer showing the volume of the music and beat from the left and right speaker.