Olive Branch

An image of an olive branch, this one is available as both a large transparent png and a scalable vector graphic.

Pebbles Plants

This pretty image shows plants and flowers growing in pebbles.

Potted Plant

Two plants sharing a home in a terra-cotta clay pot.


Reeds, or cat tails, growing out of the clear blue water of a pond.


This picture shows a baby plant, or seedling, with both the under ground and above ground view.

Venus Flytrap

Animated cartoon of a Venus Flytrap, one of the few carnivorous plants.


I really like this minimal, black and white image of a bamboo, it's a very serene and versatile image.

Cannabis Leaf

A cannabis leaf, or more commonly called.. a pot plant.


Cactus with a flower

Simple graphic of a blooming cactus.


Another cactus, this one with a beautiful setting sun in the background.


A very sharp looking cactus.


Brown Mushroom

Another brown mushroom, this one is speckled with dots on the top.

Cartoon Mushroom

A bright, cartoon of a red and white polka dotted mushroom.

Two Mushrooms

This picture is available as a transparent png and a scalable vector graphic.

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