Dreidel Animation

Here's an animation of a dreidel, a four sided top with hebrew letters on each side. This is spun during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah in a game thats very popular with kids.


This picture of a dreidel is much larger, it's also available as an SVG if so it will work well no matter how large or small you need, great for print media as well.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.

This Hanukkah menorah with 9 candles is another graphic that can be downloaded for the SVG version.

Want the Scalable Vector Graphic? Download the zip file.
Happy Hanukkah Animation

An animated gif showing the menorah and the words Happy Hanukkah above.

Happy Hanukkah

And a non-animated version of a menorah wishing a Happy Hanukah.

Happy Hanukkah

This happy Hanukkah sign has a white peace dove with an olive branch in it's beak.

Menorah Animation

Another animated Hanukkah menorah, this on is fairy subtle so it doesn't distract from the rest of you page / email / etc but it does give a nice bit of movement!


This menorah has 7 candles like the ones used in temples.

Peace Dove Star Of David

A pretty blue star of David with an animation of a peace dove flying in front.

Rabbi Lighting Menorah

Here's an animation of a Rabbi lighting the candles of the Hanukkah menorah.

Rabbi Menorah Cartoon

This cartoon shows a man wearing a yarmulke, lighting the candles on the temple menorah.

Smiley Lighting Menorah

This cute animation shows a smilie lighting the candles.

Star Of David

A simple, blue Star of David (or the Shield of David), the symbol of Judaism.


This scroll could be anything including the Torah or other sacred Jewish writings.

Animated Menorah

Another small animated menorah, this one with seven lit candles. In front of it there is a cup of oil, food and a wrapped present.