Welcome Back To School

A simple, to the point image showing a piece of lined paper with "Welcome back to school" written on it in pen.

Download the zip for the scalable vector.
Gold Star

A gold star, a symbol recognizing work well done used very often in the classroom to reward good students.

The Abcs

The ABC's written on a green board...

Download the zip for the scalable vector graphic.

And a large blackboard with ABC written on it in colorful chalk.

Download the zip for the vector (SVG).
Back To School

A little sign made out of colored pencil on poster board that says "Welcome back to School".

Download the zip for the vector version.
country school

Old fashioned country school house.


Another small schoolhouse.

little yellow school bus

A small, yellow school bus.

back to school

"Back to School" written on a chalk board.

Back to School

"Back to School" sign with apples.

Apple And Slate

2+3 written with white chalk on a small slate, a red apple sits beside.

Red school house

Red school house with an American flag.

College or Bust

Animated car with a "College or Bust" sign.

back to school

Another simple sign that says "Back to School".


Little yellow school bus.

No Homework Today

A small blackboard with "No Homework Today" written in chalk.