This image of a sextant is also available in a larger size as well as a vector graphic.

Passport and Plane Ticket

Two very important things for a traveller, their passport and a plane ticket.

Want the scalable vector graphic? Download the zip.
African Safari

If your travels lean more towards an African safari here's the clipart for you, it shows a hat an adventurer might wear, a map (showing Africa) and a compass.

Want an SVG version of this graphic? Download the zip.

GPS (Global positioning system) so you don't get lost.


Here's a funny cartoon of a stereotypical tourist wearing travel clothes and snapping photos.

Blue Luggage

Here's a simple image of a set of blue suitcases, tagged and ready for flight.

confused compass

Lost? Looks like this one is. Here's a cartoon of a compass pointing in all directions.

Open Road

Simple clipart showing the wide open road! While it may not be directly on theme, the thoughts of the freedom of it is often what inspires travelers to begin their adventures.

Adventure Map

A map and a compass, time for a bit of adventure?


Here's a small image of a backpacker walking away, perhaps off to begin their big adventure around the world... or for a weekend camping trip.

Carryon Luggage

3 pieces of carry-on luggage, or perhaps bags ready for baggage check.


This is a much more colorful backpack, like the ones often seen worn by backpackers in hostels.


An old fashioned compass.

Flight Costs

Perhaps this piece of clipart is trying to say something about the high cost of flights.

Rugged Backpack

This is a rather rugged looking backpack in dark forest green and brown.

Traveler talking on Phone

A business man or well dressed traveller talking on a cell phone toting wheeled luggage.