Christian fish

The symbol of a fish is often used to represent christianity, and can be called either Icthus, Ixthus and often simply the Jesus Fish.

noahs arc

Here's a small, but nice image of Noah's Ark filled with animals.

Medieval Priest With Sacrament

Here's an Medieval style, black and white image of a Christian (Catholic) Priest with sacrament.

Nativity Scene

A beautiful and simple image of the nativity scene, showing Baby Jesus lying in the manger with Mary and Joseph looking lovingly at him.

Crown Of Thorns

Golden crown of thorns.

Black Bible

A black bible.


Another clip art of a bible.

Silver Cross

The next few are of crosses, this one's a simple silver cross draped with gold fabric.

Gold Cross

A small white cross outlined with gold.

Easter Cross

This cross decorated with flowers is perfect to represent Easter.


A glowing cross.


And finally a lightly animated gold cross.