Binge eating

One of the things Garfield does often is binge eat junk food, here he is scarfing down popcorn, pizza, donuts, ice cream and soda pop.

Weigh Scale

A funny animation showing him holding helium balloons and jumping on a scale to make it show a lower weight... I guess his rather big snack caught up to him.

I Love You Pookie

Even Garfield has a soft side, this cute animated picture is of him cuddling his teddy bear Pooky.

Animated garfield with mice

I'm not really sure what the mice are doing in this animation, but it looks like they're pushing his (very large) tummy back up.

Chef Garfield, the unhappy cook

Garfield doing what he does best... looking unimpressed. This time he's dressed in a chef hat, apron and holding a cooking utensils.

Cupid Garfield

This time he's dressed up as cupid, love those heart shaped glasses!

Garfield with his friend Odie

Garfield hanging out with his buddy, Odie the dog.


An animated Odie being very excited about something.

Garfield Birthday Cake

Here he is opening his mouth wide to try to eat a whole birthday cake... complete with lit candles, ouch!

Garfield Construction

Garfield, the famous orange cat, working as a construction worker.


Arlene, Garfield's on and off again girlfriend.

Garfield In Tuxedo

A small but cute cartoon of him dressed in a tuxedo with tails, holding a top hat and wand... moonlighting as a magician maybe!

Garfield Relaxing

Relaxing with some food, a drink and his favorite teddy bear, Pooky.

giving flowers

Another cute animation of this famous cartoon cat, this time he's presenting a bouquet of daisies.

Odie Animation

Odie the dog, looking very happy (and slobbery) as usual!

Garfield animation

Another small but very cute Garfield animation.

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